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How to go about requesting a hair trace mineral analysis?
Complete the Health Questionnaire. Once completed, a copy will be automatically forwarded to Solutions4Health.

a. Cut ½ teaspoon of hair from between the collar and crown, from as close to the scalp as possible. Keep in mind that the hair must be dirty – one of non-washing.
b. Put the hair into a small envelope and write the following on the envelope: Name, surname, date-of-birth, weight in kilograms, contactable telephone number and your most recent email address to send the results to.
c. Include the above MHT-DQ with your hair sample or email it to the address above.
d. Put this small envelope with your hair sample in a bigger envelope and address it as follows: SOLUTIONS4HEALTH, P. O. Box 1075, Green Point 8051.
e. Do not include money orders/transfer or cheque with your hair sample.
f. An email will be sent to the recipient informing of the hair sample arriving and being sent for analysis.
g. The results will be received within 3 working days. An invoice with the results will be emailed to the listed email address with a LOCK CODE.
h. The invoice contains payment details (bottom left). Once payment reflects on our account, an UNLOCK CODE will be emailed and SMSed to the recipient.
i. An email will be sent confirming a date and time to discuss the results of the hair trace mineral analysis. All cleanses, nutritional recommendations and supplementation requirements will be given at the consultation.
j. A retest is suggested in 3-months to ascertain what progress has been made and what supplementation to (dis) continue and what next level of healing to apply.

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

What is a hair trace mineral analysis? – A HTMA is a forensic test that provides a bio-chemical blueprint of the human body for the past 90 days. Hair is a soft cell tissue biopsy, it is non-invasive, and it provides information quickly and efficiently. It measures more than 30 minerals and 15 trace elements in hair. Mineral imbalances show up much sooner in hair than in blood. This is because blood is maintained at the expense of soft tissues. Minerals are pulled from the tissue to maintain blood mineral levels.

Why use hair? Hair is non-invasive as it is a rapidly growing soft tissue of the body. It is an inexpensive, accurate screening tool to ascertain the metabolic and bio-chemical blueprint of a patient. Hair is excellent biopsy material and requires no special handling.

Nutritional Re-Balancing Programs for Children

After viewing more than twenty-four thousand hair trace mineral analysis, it has become clear that although great strides have been made in certain fields of medical science, more and more children are born with nutritional deficiencies; more are born with high levels of toxic metals, and more and being described psychotic drugs for behavioral and learning problems that can be nutritionally remedied.

There are many reasons as to why children’s health is progressively getting worse, not only in Africa, but also in Western countries. Let’s address a view of these reasons…

ADD/HD – a different perspective

In American 1 out of every five children has a learning and behavior problem. In South Africa, 1 out of 25 children have a behavior/learning problem. Although South Africa is spending more time, money and resources on implementing new school curriculums and learning programs, the illiteracy rate in schools are worsening. Examination marks are dropping and more children are dropping out of school earlier. In certain school entire standards are failing. Some in the know say that this problem can be renamed: delinquency and crime. Medication, psychotherapy, special needs teachers, special learning programs and prisons are not helping the problem. Let’s investigate the possible bio-chemical causes.

Alternative Medicine vs. Allopathic Medicine

Alternative medicine explores the stressors (environmental, biological, chemical, psychological, and emotional) in a patient’s life that cause a weakening of a particular energy field; which in turn allows the manifestation of a disease condition in a weakened area. In order to maintain a state of health, all energy systems within the body need to exist in a state of balance or equilibrium. Imbalance leads to conditions of discomfort (dis-ease and dis-order) which eventually spirals into ill health if not corrected. Chinese and Indians (Ayurvedic medicine) had worked this out thousands of years ago…