All biological beings require proper nutrition, to grow and flourish. – Health is your responsibility!

Nutritional Re-Balancing Programs for Children

After viewing more than twenty-four thousand hair trace mineral analysis, it has become clear that although great strides have been made in certain fields of medical science, more and more children are born with nutritional deficiencies; more are born with high levels of toxic metals, and more and being described psychotic drugs for behavioral and learning problems that can be nutritionally remedied.

There are many reasons as to why children’s health is progressively getting worse, not only in Africa, but also in Western countries. Let’s address a view of these reasons…

Born Toxic
Many questions are asked daily with regard to behavioral disorders, one in particular: are they inherited? They do not have to be inherited. A better explanation would be: if the mother’ diet prior to conception and during pregnancy is poor and she high levels of toxic metals prior to conception, then surely the child will be born with these imbalances, toxicities and deficiencies. This can be corrected prior to pregnancy, during and after (breast feeding) childbirth and is completely avoidable.

Most mothers-to-be and teenagers, have no obvious symptoms, because many toxicity, excesses and nutritional deficiencies manifest years before the symptoms do. They sleep well at night, go to work, go to gym and do house work and feel healthy. However when a hair trace mineral analysis is performed, the results are often shocking. Most women show a slow oxidative rate, hidden copper toxicities, and thyroid problems. This is why a HTMA is excellent for prenatal health, and can help reduce many birth defects; stressed pregnancies, reduce children being born toxic metal overload and prevents hyperactive babies, etc.

Causes of childhood nutritional imbalances
Childhood bio-chemical imbalances have numerous causes. The most obvious one is malnutrition from breast milk and worse, baby formulas. After breast feeding, most children’s foods contain colourants and flavourants to make food more attractive to children and adults. Many of these foods are artificially sweetened with refined sugars that add to an already malnourished diet that children live on today.

The wide use of antibiotics for very common illnesses is very prevalent in western nations and now also in South Africa. Yet if mothers address food allergies and the excessive use of dairy in children’s diets, this will solve most anti-biotic use in babies and teenagers. Antibiotics in particular cause Candida Albicans as it destroys essential intestinal flora that is needed for good digestion and assimilation. Vaccinations, in particular contain mercury and aluminum adding to a child’s toxic metal overload. It is common knowledge that many children’s toxic metal overload from vaccinations are increased by almost 87% and cause permanent brain damage in some children and many digestive, skin, behavior and learning problems for a long time to come.

Adrenal stress due to school pressure and household circumstances can cause many nutrient deficiencies and can have a knock-on effect to other parts of the body, e.g. thyroid gland and brain.

Hyperactive Children
Sometimes it is advisable to administer large than normal doses of certain minerals and EFA (essential fatty acids, especially for fats oxidizers) for hyperactive behaviour. These supplements can be tryptophan, Taurine, nearest, magnesium & B6, or Phenylalanine. These supplements are referred to as para-sympathetic supplements. This implies that they calm down the central nervous system, relax muscles, promote sleeping, and generally calm all aspects of the body down.

Many children’s needs for nutrition can triple in one day, due to additional school homework, school sports lasting up to 2 hours daily and examinations weekly. Telephone or e-mail our offices for advice if you are not sure about how much you supplementation you can give your child daily. Keep in mind that the only natural side-effects from an overdose of supplements can be nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.

Food allergies and your child
The most common food allergies are wheat, -dairy foods and nightshade vegetables. All three these food groups play a large part in conditions such has autism, ADD/HD, Asperger’s syndrome, asthma, dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.

A hair trace mineral analysis can detect various food groups, such as dairy and wheat, but other food groups can only be detectable via a blood test and an Eliza allergy test (IgA, IgE tests). These blood tests are expensive, but can save a mother many hours of elimination diets, which is very time consuming.

Many (home) parents prefer to observe their children after eating certain foods. The best observation is that of behavior after eating sugar, MSG, aspartame, colourants and flavourants as these foods causes the worst behavior problems and skin conditions in children. Common foods such as orange, juice, guava juice, litchi and apple juice can cause many allergic and skin reactions, including asthma in babies.

In most cases it is advisable to perform a metal detox program prior to a nutritional re-balancing program as chelation of metals will place less of a burden on the body when a food allergy program is started. With chelation therapy, more minerals will become bio-chemically available to support the immune system when undergoing a food elimination program and allergy with drawl.

When the body starts a healing process, it goes back to healing. Therefore for a short while the hyperactive child may experience worse symptoms while the body retraces and brain is rebalancing. Metal toxicity and food allergies have a profound effect on the digestive system and this aspect of healing the digestive system nay take between 6-months to 2 years to rebuild. Pro-biotics should play an active role in every child’s daily supplementation program up until age six.

Sugar vs. fats and oils
Many parents still refuse to feed their children fats and oils for fear of obesity. This is not true. Feeding children excessive carbohydrates (CHOs), such as sugared cereals, breads (also toast); cookies, cakes, cereals, pizzas and pastas eventually leads to obesity and/or infantile diabetes. Feeding children essential fatty acids and oils should be an essential part of their daily diet. Organic Olive oil, eggs, butter, goat’s milk and cheese, and coconut oil must be part of a healthy growing child’s diet.

Four electrolytes in children’s HTMA
Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are four important electrolytes in the body as these regulate important organ function in the body. A low level of these four electrolytes appears to be more frequent on children’s HTMA which is an indicator of chronic stress and fatigue. These personality types are also fired-up at times (compulsive and driven), but their energies also disperses very quickly. There are many ways to work with the child to dissipate the stress and chronic fatigue.

Firstly, a nutritional re-balancing program is essential to re-balance the organs that are causing the fatigue and also apply stress management and identify the stress triggers/mechanisms. Secondly, avenue has to be explored to get the fatigued/stressed child to calm down and relax. This can often be achieved with relaxing music and/or burning essential oils in his/her bedroom. Meditation has also proved useful in many extreme cases. Do not let the child watch television of play TV-games.

The Child’s home environment
One way for parents to have assurance that their children play well, eat well and sleep well, is to invite other parents children over to their house, instead of going to other friend’s home. Although this does mean more work in organizing food, sleep and play for all concerned, but the parent has greater control over meals, play, television, etc. This also encourages children to talk about their friends to parents and to share more of their feelings and emotions about their friends and themselves.

Secondly, this allows children to play in a safe and known environment with their friends of choice, with their toys and computer games, and parents giving children space and time to be together safely without feeling overwhelmed by their parent’s presence.

Helping Children to Take Supplements
Young children in particular cannot swallow pills or capsules well. There are many way to make this process fun and easier. Children learn when they are having fun…

Firstly, it is always good for mother and child to take their pills/capsules together. Children emulate their parents. By pulling capsules apart and sprinkling the contents over food or pouring the contents into a juice is easy. Capsule content is best poured over cereal or poured into any non-soda/fizzy red juice, e.g. cranberry or mixed berry juice.

Secondly, choose a food with a strong flavor or their favorite food, like peanut butter, and mix the capsule contents into the food. Soups, yoghurt (Camphill), or sauces are a good way of disguising capsule and tablet contents.

Supplement Dosing
At we suggest supplementation for children twice per day. Breakfast and after school is the best time to administer supplementation. During school and school breaks makes it difficult as children simply want to play during any spare time they get. However, if certain natural supplementation, for e.g. for epilepsy needs to be taken in between classes, this can be arranged with the school principal or teachers. Children who dislike tablets and capsule, chewables are liquids are fast becoming the favourite way to ensure oral supplementation.

Follow the procedure below if you think your child needs a full hair trace mineral analysis or a metal toxicity test.

Call at 0214235000 or 0845732190 to drop off a hair sample at our office in Tamboerskloof or post the sample to P. O. Box 1075, Green Point 8051.

Ensure that all relevant details are written on a piece of paper with the correct details: name, surname, date-of-birth, weight in kilograms, email address and contact telephone number. Also ensure that a list on prescribed medicine (if applicable) is included with the hair sample.

An email will be sent when the sample is received and when results are returned. You will be telephoned to arrange for an hour consultation, either at our offices or via telephone.

The entire process will be explained to you during the consultation and nutritional and supplemental advice will be give during the meeting.

A 10-15 page report will be emailed within 7-days of your consultation with all nutritional recommendations, cleanse and supplementation program for 90 days. The completed report sent via email will. Your report will be locked. After payment is received your unlock code will be SMSed/emailed to you to read the entire report.

After 90 days, you will receive an email to remind you of your follow-up consultation.

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

What is a hair trace mineral analysis? – A HTMA is a forensic test that provides a bio-chemical blueprint of the human body for the past 90 days. Hair is a soft cell tissue biopsy, it is non-invasive, and it provides information quickly and efficiently. It measures more than 30 minerals and 15 trace elements in hair. Mineral imbalances show up much sooner in hair than in blood. This is because blood is maintained at the expense of soft tissues. Minerals are pulled from the tissue to maintain blood mineral levels.

Why use hair? Hair is non-invasive as it is a rapidly growing soft tissue of the body. It is an inexpensive, accurate screening tool to ascertain the metabolic and bio-chemical blueprint of a patient. Hair is excellent biopsy material and requires no special handling.

Nutritional Re-Balancing Programs for Children

After viewing more than twenty-four thousand hair trace mineral analysis, it has become clear that although great strides have been made in certain fields of medical science, more and more children are born with nutritional deficiencies; more are born with high levels of toxic metals, and more and being described psychotic drugs for behavioral and learning problems that can be nutritionally remedied.

There are many reasons as to why children’s health is progressively getting worse, not only in Africa, but also in Western countries. Let’s address a view of these reasons…

ADD/HD – a different perspective

In American 1 out of every five children has a learning and behavior problem. In South Africa, 1 out of 25 children have a behavior/learning problem. Although South Africa is spending more time, money and resources on implementing new school curriculums and learning programs, the illiteracy rate in schools are worsening. Examination marks are dropping and more children are dropping out of school earlier. In certain school entire standards are failing. Some in the know say that this problem can be renamed: delinquency and crime. Medication, psychotherapy, special needs teachers, special learning programs and prisons are not helping the problem. Let’s investigate the possible bio-chemical causes.

Alternative Medicine vs. Allopathic Medicine

Alternative medicine explores the stressors (environmental, biological, chemical, psychological, and emotional) in a patient’s life that cause a weakening of a particular energy field; which in turn allows the manifestation of a disease condition in a weakened area. In order to maintain a state of health, all energy systems within the body need to exist in a state of balance or equilibrium. Imbalance leads to conditions of discomfort (dis-ease and dis-order) which eventually spirals into ill health if not corrected. Chinese and Indians (Ayurvedic medicine) had worked this out thousands of years ago…